Low-tech plastic surgery Kelly - Bart Hess

Low-tech plastic surgery Kelly

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This is the outcome from a performance I did in collaboration with Lucy McRae for MU gallery during Dutch Design Week 2008. In this performance we asked the visitors to be our models. We set out to do the opposite of plastic surgery, to make people look more tired, older, uglier and create facial expressions that the normally wouldn't be possible to make.   


LucyandBart is a collaboration between artists Lucy McRae and Bart Hess. The ad hoc duo work close to the body, and their mode of operation is impulsive; they generate ambiguous images depicting our skin as an interface between our self and the world. 


Matte Finish
Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper
Packed and shipped in a protective and custom cardboard tube.

Low-tech plastic surgery Kelly - Bart Hess