Evolutionary Back - Bart Hess

Evolutionary Back

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This image came from one of my first assignments. Lead magazine asked me to make a series of images inspired by people. I decided to go back to the origin of people and how we evolved. I decided to make little nude people with my hands. 


Lead Magazine:
The gradual progressive development of living organisms adds up to form 'the evolutionary process'. The growth of organisms is the result of factors such as natural selection. The debate about accelerating the evolutionary process has been going on for a while. Are people allowed to interfere or not? Bart Hess interferes with nature in a unique way. Lending evolution a helping hand. In previous projects, his help has consisted of such feats as creating futuristic interpretations of skins. You can see just how free Bart's interpretations are on "the evolutionary process' poster series.


Matte Finish
Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper
Packed and shipped in a protective and custom cardboard tube.

Evolutionary Back - Bart Hess